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The Sad Story
The Sad Story of Love
By Asim
Translated by Rehan tariq

Sa'di is not the man to play the chess game of your love.
This is the sad story of love. A story which repeats as long as the crystal ball of time continues to exist, as long as this ball has not crashed into a star, a star from another time. "Time" will perhaps explode from within because of these sad stories which repeat and fill it to capacity. When time fills with love, overflows with feeling, and chokes with tears and shouted loneliness, its crystal walls will break. But every love story will make a home in the particles of this broken sphere and will, itself, make a new "time." And perhaps a day will come when eternity and everything that has been created and everything that has not been created will be nothing but crystal particles which have in their heart a seed of love, a seed of the sad story of love. Then, time will be a woman and a man sleeping in a bu…

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